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Y3/4 Literacy Their, There or They're There means at that place or over there . There may also be used to start a sentence. Their always tells you who owns something . They’re is a short way of saying they are . Fill in the missing blanks in the story with the correct word. Tom, Katie and _________ grandfather decided to go for a walk. They left ________ grandfather’s  home and walked slowly. “Look over _________!” shouted Tom.  “________ is Mrs. Hunt with Bob  and ________ dog.”  “_____________ walking towards the bus stop,” exclaimed Katie. “____________ is the bus coming along the road,” pointed Grandfather. “Are they allowed to take ________ dog on the bus?” asked Tom. “I think dogs are allowed on buses as long as __________ well behaved!” replied Grandfather. They continued to walk towards the park wondering what they would see on their stroll. They entered the  park and saw many flowerbeds. 
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Unformatted text preview: “Look over __________, ___________ beautiful!” exclaimed Katie as she pointed to the brightly coloured flowers. “___________ not as good as last year!” replied Grandfather. “Do you remember _________ were lots of tall sunflowers in the centre of each bed?” “Oh, yes!” answered Tom. “They did last for a long time and they were very tall.” Grandfather was getting tired so they decided to sit down on a park bench. “Look, ___________ playing rounders.” said Tom. “_________ bat looks brand new!” said Katie. “Our bat is really old now.” “__________ is a bright red Ferrari, ________ my favourite car.” exclaimed Tom. Grandfather was now ready to walk back home. He had enjoyed his walk to the park and hoped Grandmother would have a nice cup of tea for them before ________ tea....
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