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too two to Mum had promised ____ take Ben and Jill ____the zoo. The ____ children were  so excited that they could hardly wait for Saturday ____ come. They wanted  ____take their baby sister but Mum said that she was ____ young.  They arrived at the zoo at ____o’clock. They had ____ pay ____ get in and Mum  bought them ____ bags of nuts ____ feed ____ the animals. Ben wanted___ go ____ see the lions first. Jill liked the lions but they didn’t roar  or snarl the way Ben wanted them ____. Mum said that probably they were ____ 
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Unformatted text preview: full of meat ____ be interested in Ben. Jill dragged the others over ____ the elephants’ enclosure. Ben didn’t want ____ get ____close ____ the ____ huge elephants while Jill tried ____ feed them some nuts. They gave the rest of the nuts ____ the monkeys and watched while ____ little monkeys had a fight over them. They tried ____ visit every animal in the zoo but there were ____ many ____ see in one day. Mum said they could come again when their sister was old enough ____ come ____....
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