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Using a Dictionary Task 1:   Use your dictionary to spell the words below correctly.      tigar        elefant       buttafly      liun     jungul    zebru windo       dor        kichen        tabul       flor       sofu     baff        gardun      flowa       gras        dafudil      bukit     leef  sok         jumpa        shoo       shurt         jakit      trowzuz                       
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Unformatted text preview: Task 2: Use the dictionary to find the meanings of the word in the list. forest trough meadow hedge crops chickens haystack storm hail flood Task 3: Use your dictionary to spell correctly 3 words on the subjects listed. 1. The seasons. 4. Colours. 2. Farm animals. 5. Fruit. 3. Weather. 6. Toys....
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  • Storm, bukit     leef, sok         jumpa        shoo, kichen        tabul       flor, gardun      flowa       gras

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