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Using a Thesaurus When you want to find a new word to replace a word that you already know you can look in a thesaurus. Words which are different but have similar meanings are called synonyms e.g. pretty, attractive, goodlooking. Use a thesaurus to find the word underlined and replace it with an appropriate synonym. 1. Jack did an excellent piece of work at school on Monday. 2. The teacher was exhausted after the first day at school. 3. The flower had a lovely smell. 4. The dog was very quick as it chased the cat. 5. I am going to 1 release the bird tonight. 6. The blue coat was really expensive
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Unformatted text preview: but the balck one was quite cheap . 7. Mr Harrison is extremely intelligent . 8. Please be careful when you cross the road. 9. Sarah found herself in a strange place. 10. It was a very ordinary day when the aliens suddenly landed. Now find at least four synonyms for the following words, beautiful, ugly, old, happy, sad, expensive, ordinary and cheap. Try and write a short story using a synonyms for the words above e.g. beautiful, ugly etc. It can be as strange or as funny as you like. Underline the words you use. 1 Created by Stephen Harrison, 2006...
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