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Using to, too and two 1. I went ____ the shops. 2. We will meet at _____ o’clock. 3. I ate ____ much cheese. 4. I want ____ go on holiday. 5. I would like ____ apples. 6. They went _____ the park. 7. Would you like ____ come with us? 8. The work was ____ hard. 9. We are going ____ school. 10. The _____ boys were going ____ the park.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. The road was ____ busy to cross today. 12. It is ___ minutes _____ seven. 13. The _____ girls were going ____ the shops. 14. The next train _____ to Chicago leaves at ______ o’clock. Can you make up one sentence for to, too and two? Created by Hayley Roberts, BSC 2005...
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