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NOUNS Put the correct NOUN into each sentence: 1. The ship sailed on the ____________. 2. The man picked the ___________ from the tree. 3. The __________ was near the table. 4. I opened the __________ and went inside. 5. The __________ is the King of the Beasts. Now, think of your own NOUNS to put into these sentences: 1. In English classes, I write with a __________. 2. On my way to school, I saw a ____________.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. I will have __________ for lunch today. 4. Ruth had to feed her pet __________ before she came to school. 5. Alan and Ben played on the __________ in the park. 6. My dad has just bought me a ___________. 7. I went to the __________ with mum on Saturday. 8. My __________ is going on holiday this week. lion door chair apple sea...
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