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Adverbs describe verbs and they tell us more about how the verb was performed (done). They also make your writing more interesting. Where to use an adverb. .. An adverb can be used next to the verb; (verb) (Adverb) Simon ran quickly to Peter’s house. Or somewhere else in the sentence; (Adverb) (Verb) Gently the mum rocked her baby back to sleep. Word Bank of Adverbs quickly quietly slowly gently angrily loudly greedily sadly sweetly anxiously accurately noisily firmly badly happily carefully tiredly nastily tightly furiously aggressively delicately pointlessly
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Unformatted text preview: Copy out these sentences into your Literacy books adding in an adverb to describe the verb, underline the verb in red and the adverb in blue. 1) Dave kicked the ball. 2) Susan was singing in the shower. 3) Michelle waited outside the head teacher’s office. 4) The choir sang in assembly. 5) The rugby team ran into the changing rooms. 6) The class smiled at their new teacher. 7) The passengers fastened their seatbelts. 8) Tom wrote the sentences in his book. 9) Mrs Smith placed the book on the table. 10) Mr Filtch ate the entire cake....
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