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Adjectives See if you can improve these sentences by adding an adjective before the noun in the sentence. The star says where an adjective should be. Two stars means two adjectives. The Alien from Zarg The * alien got down from his * spaceship eagerly. The * alien looked around but could not see anything. The ship had created a * dust cloud on the ground as it landed and this was now making visibility difficult. Slowly the * dust settled and he began to see where he was. Hundreds of * * trees appeared slowly and it soon became clear he was near a * forest. As he was green too he felt at home. He began to walk through the * trees and smell the * * air.
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Unformatted text preview: He felt glad to be alive. Surely this the most * planet he had ever visited. After a few minutes he came to a * * lake where he looked at his * reflection in the * water. He had never seen himself before. He jumped back, frightened. “Who was this stranger?” he thought to himself. He felt some of the * water in his hand. It felt strange to the touch. This was nothing like he was used to back home on planet Zarg. Notice how the use of adjectives in this story changes it . Possible adjectives you might use: green, bright, sparkling, ugly, huge, brown, tall, massive, beautiful, clean, fresh, crystal clear, strange, cold....
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