BS_comparingadjs - was the _______________ . 6. My aunt is...

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Name ____________________________  Class _______ Date ______________ Comparing Adjectives by adding er and est Add er Add est long short old young hard soft cold warm sharp slow fast If the adjective has a y at the end,  change the y to an i before adding the er or est    Change y to i and add er Change y to i and add est happy silly crazy ugly pretty windy chilly stormy cloudy
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funny Now fit some of these words into the sentences below. 1. My hair is  long , Jill’s hair is  longer  than mine, but Ann’s hair is the         longest . 2.  A dog can run fast, a rabbit can run ________________, but a       cheetah can run the _________________ . 3. I am tall, my sister is __________________ than me, but my Dad is the  ___________________ . 4. It is quite cold inside our classroom, it is much ______________ in England, but it is the  _________________ at the North Pole.  5. Daddy bear’s bed was quite soft, Mummy bear’s bed was ____________, but Baby bear’s bed 
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Unformatted text preview: was the _______________ . 6. My aunt is quite old, my uncle is _________________ than her, but my grandad is the ___________________. 7. I feel happy today,I felt even ___________________ on my birthday, but I felt the _________________ on Christmas Day. 8. My little brother is sometimes silly, Mr. Bean is _________________, but a clown is the _________________. 9. I know a funny joke, my friend Ben told me an even ______________ joke, but my Dads joke was the ________________. Now put these words into sentences of your own. Write them in your homework book slow slower slowest sharp sharper sharpest funny funnier funniest bright brighter brightest pretty prettier prettiest ugly uglier ugliest...
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BS_comparingadjs - was the _______________ . 6. My aunt is...

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