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COMPARING ADJECTIVES Oliver Thomas James Compare the heights of these three boys: Oliver is tall . Thomas is taller than Oliver. James is the tallest . TALLER is used for comparing TWO TALLEST is used when comparing MORE THAN TWO In the examples above –ER and –EST have been added to the word “TALL” to show the comparative height of each boy. There are many adjectives where –ER and –EST can be added without any change in spelling: Cold – colder – coldest Clean – cleaner – cleanest BUT! Look our for these spelling changes: Drop the e at the end of: E.g. Nice – nicer – nicest E.g. Fine – finer – finest Change the y to i of: E.g. Lazy – lazier – laziest E.g. Shady – shadier - shadiest Double the last letter of: E.g. Thin – thinner – thinnest E.g. Slim – slimmer – slimmest REMEMBER! Some words cannot be changed at all so you must add MORE when comparing two and MOST when comparing more than two: E.g. Beautiful – more beautiful – most beautiful Intelligent – more intelligent – most intelligent You must learn these exceptions: GOOD – BETTER – BEST BAD – WORSE – WORST
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Re-write the whole sentence into your book inserting the correct form of the adjective in bold type to complete each sentence. Underline the comparative adjective. Remember all
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comparing_adjectives - COMPARING ADJECTIVES Oliver Thomas...

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