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Nouns A.  Use the words below to fill the spaces in the following sentences: lance, optician, nutmeg, clown,  pen, trumpet, eagle, hoe, mechanic, stetson. 1. The pupil used a __________ to write an essay about his family. 2. The __________ soared high in the clear sky before swooping down on the startled rabbit. 3. The gardener used a __________ to remove the weeds from the vegetable patch. 4. My mother sometimes uses __________ to make her meals tastier. 5. I need to go to the __________ to get my eyes tested. 6. The ___________ at the circus made me laugh. 7. The knight used his __________ to knock his opponent off his horse.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. The cowboy put on his __________ to give him protection from the sun. 9. There is a lot of __________ playing in Jazz music. 10. The __________ repaired my car after the accident. B . Make a list of all of the nouns in these sentences: 1. The girl lost her doll. 2. The woman gave her cat some chicken. 3. Yesterday I ate a banana, an apple and a peach. 4. The teacher showed the class a cricket bat. 5. The sparrow swooped down and perched on the branch of the tree. 12/09...
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