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ADJECTIVES A Copy out the following passage. Underline the  11  nouns and then  circle the adjectives which are used to describe them. Heavy seas were breaking over the stone jetty. The battered ship limped through the  narrow entrance to the inner harbour. Her captain was exhausted. The brave man  had been standing on the open bridge for many hours, steering the stricken ship to a  safe mooring. B Rearrange the groups of red letters to make adjectives to fit the nouns that follow  them. Eg:  gridvin  rain            driving  rain alenc  hands gcteixni
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Unformatted text preview: story ystru iron yklis fur lfbiuetau flowers ludo voices loco drink licodiesu meal C Write these sentences. Choose adjectives of your own to fill the spaces. The ____ sunlight filtered through the ____ branches of the ____ trees. Two ____ deer peered from the _____ shade beneath a _____ chestnut tree. The larger, a _____ buck, took a _____ step forward. He paused, listening to the ____ sound of a ____ dog. The second deer gave him a ____ push and they both stepped out into the ____ light of the ____ clearing....
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