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The _______ castle was the home of a _________ witch. It stood at the top of a _________  hill. Its _________ towers rose high above its ________ walls. A ________, ________ path  led up to its _________ gate. Use these adjectives to make the description of the witch’s castle more interesting.                     cruel    rocky    dark    steep   old                                gloomy    crumbling   twisty Now, think of some good adjectives to make this description
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Unformatted text preview: of the witch’s kitchen more interesting. In a ________ corner stood a ___________cupboard, its __________ shelves full of ____________ bottles and jars. Grizelda, the witch, took down a __________jar and ran a _________ finger across the page of a __________ book. She gave a _________ laugh and began to stir the __________ mixture in her ___________ cauldron. As she chanted __________ words, she was watched by a _________ cat sitting near the __________ fire....
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