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Unformatted text preview: Speech marks marks Speech marks go around the bits of a sentence actually being said. actually “Hello!” Every time we open a set of speech marks we need to use a capital letter. letter. “Hi!” We also need to put some form of punctuation into each piece of dialogue before we close the speech marks. !?,. speech “Yo dude!” We also need to start a new line every time a different character speaks. character “Hello, Matthew!” said James. “Hi!” replied Sophie. “How are you?” he asked. “I am fine and dandy, thanks!” Where do the speech marks go? Where Tom said, would you like a Tom sweet? sweet? Tom said, “Would you like a Tom Would sweet?” sweet? I like playing football said Patrick. Patrick. “I llike playing football,” ike said Patrick. said Are you coming to my birthday party Sarah asked. birthday “Are you coming to my Are birthday party?” Sarah asked. asked. Correctly punctuate these sentences: Correctly How are you asked Connor How I’m fine thanks said Jack did you have a nice holiday yes I did replied Connor Did you Yes I went to meet David Beckham wow Connor shouted. shouted. “How are you?” asked Connor. “I’m fine thanks,” said Jack “Diid “D d you have a nice holiday?” you “Yes I did,” replied Connor “Did Did you?” you “Yes I went to meet David Yes Beckham!” Beckham “Wow!” Connor shouted. We need to remember: We To put speech marks around the To words being said. words 2. To start each piece of speech To with a capital letter. with 3. To punctuate the speech before To we close it. we 4. To start a new line for each new To speaker. speaker. 1. ...
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