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Adverbial Clauses The words that Jenny says are the same, but adding an  adverbial clause  changes the meaning  of the sentence by telling the reader how she does it. Change the  adverbial clause  from below to change the meaning of the sentence. 1. “Let’s get out of here!” yelled Sarah,  dragging the dog away from the gateway. 2. “You wouldn’t dare come any closer,” cried Bob,  throwing his arms across his face. 3. “This has been an awful day,” said Jill,  her feet squelching in the mud. 4. “I’ve finished!” shouted Andrew,  putting his book in the tray. *counting up the points that she had lost. *throwing his book out of the window. *staring at the flames. *picking up the stick. Choose an  adverbial clause  from below to add to these sentences. 5. “What was the question, Miss?” mumbled Lisa,  6. “We are lost,” groaned John,  7. “And where do you think you are going?” demanded Mum, 
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Adverbial_Clauses - Adverbial Clauses...

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