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Commas for clauses. Look at this sentence:- The policeman, who had been running for 5 minutes, had to take a rest. In this sentence two commas have been used to add a clause. A clause is an extra piece of information. The sentence could have said:- The policeman had to take a rest. But a clause makes the sentence more detailed . A:- Now you try. Copy the sentences into your book and then work out where the commas need to go. 1. The little girl who was wearing a red dress got up and left the room. 2. The cricketer wearing his new helmet was ready to go out to bat. 3. Everybody including the people wearing blue should leave through the red door.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. My pizza which had tomato and cheese on it was the best I’ve ever tasted. 5. The oldest boy in school who happened to be the smartest won the monthly cup. 6. That old, grey chair which has been sitting here all the time had the wining ticket on. B:- Now you have a go at adding some extra information. Remember to use your commas. 1. The car drove the wrong way. 2. The old lady crossed the road. 3. Harry approached Dumbledore. 4. The strong winds slowly faded away....
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