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PARENTHESES A parenthesis is a word or a phrase put into a sentence to give it more information. Sometimes a parenthesis is in  italics , sometimes it is in  (brackets),  sometimes there is a dash –  and sometimes it has  ‘inverted commas’  around it. Parentheses are used to 1. Explain what a difficult word means. 2. Show someone’s thoughts 3. Add extra information to help the reader 4. Emphasise a point Remove the brackets from these sentences. To make this easier you should make two sentences.  Look at this example. The kittens (dashing around the garden as usual) were fighting when Carl came home. The kittens were fighting when Carl came home. They were dashing round the garden as usual. a. The trainers (red and blue Nike Air) were very expensive.  b. The cars (Cadillacs with mirror windows) looked as if they were carrying famous people.  c. The shoes (made of patent leather) were all scuffed and dirty. 
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Unformatted text preview: d. Sydney Opera House (built at the entrance to Sydney harbour) is famous for its summer opera season. e. The children (who were very excited) couldn't wait to meet the Queen. f. The fire engine (which had sirens blaring and lights flashing) moved swiftly between the rush hour traffic. Copy these sentences into your books. You need to put in the missing brackets, so read them carefully first. g. The diagram shown on the previous page is of a Boeing 747. h. Police Officers sometimes called 'bobbies' or 'peelers' get their nicknames from Sir Robert Peel. i. The Eiffel Tower found in Paris, France is made entirely of trifle. j. The Steelers based in Pittsburgh, America are a famous football team. k. The teacher who was new to the school took the class to the seaside....
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