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Speech Marks We use speech marks ( “ “ ) in a sentence when somebody is talking. The boy said My name is Yusef . 1) The rabbit said I can run really fast! 2) What time is it? asked the girl. 3) The old lady asked Would you like some sweets? 4) Grandad said My car is red. 5) I made you a cake said Nanny.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) My name is Yusef said the boy. 7) I like chicken and chips said Mummy. 8) Amina said I want a lolly. 9) Woof! Woof! barked the dog. 10) Thank you for the gift said Samira. 11) I love to eat chocolate said Basma. 12) Abi said Let’s go to the park....
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