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speech_marks_corrections - 8 Good bye he said as he walked...

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NAME DATE Read the sentences and mark in corrections using the key below. KEY “ “ speech marks // new line full stop , comma A-Z capital letter 1. I want to go home shouted Martha 2. is that a clown ? asked Stephen 3. that’s a good picture said his friend can I have one ? 4. I think that is funny laughed Freda 5. I’m scared screamed John 6. Ouch ! yelled the man 7. Thank you they said to the lady
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Good bye he said as he walked down the street 9. The cow gave a loud mooo 10. what’s this the lion snarled 11. come in she said the dinner is ready 12. Mother shouted do your homework 13. I am going on holiday soon Jim said to Spain 14. I feel ill thought Samuel 15. The hippopotamus boasted, I live half my life in water....
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