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Unformatted text preview: The Mighty Apostrophe Apostrophe The apostrophe has 2 functions The 1. To replace missing letters in 1. contractions. 2. To show that something belongs to someone. (possession) (possession) Contractions Contractions I am am I’m I’m We are We We’re He is He He’s Now try contracting these words. Can not Can’t She had She’d They are They’re He will He’ll We have We’ve Possession Possession Apostrophes can also be used to show that something belongs to someone else. someone Miss Barnett’s chair . Have a go at putting the apostrophes in the right place. apostrophes The pencil case that belonged to Megan. Megan’s pencil case. The drink that belonged to Jack Jack’s drink. The book that belonged to Tiarna. Tiarna’s book The rubber that belonged to Charles Charles’ rubber Your spelling words this week will be to do with contractions in group 1 and 2. group Group 3 you will be given Group sentences to write with the correct use of an apostrophe. correct ...
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