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Read the following sentences very carefully. Underline the PROPER NOUNS in blue.  Underline the PLURAL NOUNS in red. 1. Sarahs pencils were all sharp. 2. I enjoy listening to Sophies stories when she reads them to the class. 3. I am very jealous of Charlottes stickers because she has filled the new Doctor Who  album. 4. As I was going out to play, I tripped over Hannahs trainers.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Georgia, who was always talking about her Nintendo DS, enjoyed hearing about Tias new games. 6. Bethanys guinea pigs are very naughty! Look carefully at the words you have underlined. Remember, plural nouns do not need an apostrophe. Some of your proper nouns have possessions. Re-write the sentences below using apostrophes correctly....
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