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Apostrophes for Contraction This is where we shorten two words and join them using an apostrophe e.g. can not = can’t Join the words below, using an apostrophe: 1) can not = 2) should not = 3) did not = 4) would not = 5) will not = Apostrophes for Ownership This is where we use an apostrophe to show that something belongs to someone/ something e.g. the pencil that belongs to Jane = Jane’s pencil.
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Unformatted text preview: Put the apostrophes where they belong in the text below: Rachels sister cried all day and night because Sids music was far too loud. Her mums opinion was that Sid could have his music as loud as he wanted, but her dads opinion was that he should turn it down. The stereos speakers shook when Sid played his pop CDs. Many windows in the house rattled when the racket began....
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