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The Belonging Apostrophe An apostrophe is used with an s at the end of a noun. It shows that something or someone belongs to that noun. A. Write the shortened form of the phrases below: 1. the bike belongs to the girl = the girl’s bike. 2. the pen belongs to the boy 3. the car belongs to the man 4. the cup belongs to my brother 5. the nuts belong to the squirrel 6. the ship belongs to the captain 7. the school belongs to the council 8. the tie belongs to Sam 9. the bag belongs to Mr Smith 10. the cubs belong to the lion
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Unformatted text preview: 11. the banana belongs to the monkey 12. the ball belongs to the footballer 13. the guitar belongs to the singer 14. the barn belongs to the farmer 15. the hose belongs to the fireman B. Put these words into your own sentences: 1. the golfer’s clubs 2. the elephant’s trunk 3. the bird’s eggs 4. the cat’s eyes 5. the tree’s branches 6. the farmer’s tractor 7. Karen’s glasses 8. my sister’s books 9. Mrs Smith’s slippers 10. the dinosaur’s tail...
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