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Contraction in Action. I would have said “I told you so”, But you would not have listened to me. You did not give a fiddle that someone might have caught you doing, what we all know you did. Do not blame me that you have no tea, You should have thought of that before. “You will go to your room and stay there until you learn!” “It is not fair!” You may well despair as your tummy rumbles. He who does not grumble is humble instead.
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Unformatted text preview: But that is not you so you are off to bed. Very shortly, Down the stairs he will come. Glum. It is a shame. We have forgiven. She will always give you a second chance. She is our mum. Task: Contract the words that are underlined. Rewrite the poem in your book with the contractions in place. Extra: Can you find any other possible contraction in the text? put them into a sentence of your own....
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