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contractions_AB - Look for the possible contractions in...

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Contractions Write each sentence into your jotter.   Stretch out the contracted words and underline them with a coloured  pencil. 1) I won’t go to the supermarket for you! Why can’t you go yourself? 2) He’s such a silly goose sometimes since he’s always making mistakes! 3) Where’s that bus going?  It’s going without us and it’s starting to rain! 4) He should’ve stayed here and got a lift with us because his bus is late. 5) I didn’t see my favourite programme, as I had to do my homework.
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Unformatted text preview: Look for the possible contractions in these sentences. Write them out with the contracted word. 1) I would have helped you with your homework. You should have asked me! 2) Where is my new coat? It is missing and I cannot find it. 3) I did not want to stay out late and I have lots of things to do. 4) There is a new shop and it is having a sale! 5) He is with her and she is laughing at his jokes even though they are not funny!...
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