GP_pronouns - Task Three Copy out these sentences and...

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Pronouns I me they them we us she her you it he him his mine yours his hers ours theirs Task One Copy out the sentences below and underline the pronouns. 1. Ahmed sat sensibly on his chair. 2. Hibaq gave some sweets to her friend. 3. Chenee and Nasra went for a walk. They went to the shops. 4. Shakur went to look for Ethan. He found him outside. 5. Samera picked up the pencil. She put it in her drawer. Task Two Copy out these sentences and fill the gaps with the correct pronouns. 1. Abdi-rahman picked up the ball. He kicked ___ in the air. 2. The team was happy when ____ won the cup. 3. Abla went out in the rain. ____ got very wet. 4. John went home. ____ had chips and beans for ___ tea. 5. I bought some crisps. The shopkeeper gave them to ___.
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Unformatted text preview: Task Three Copy out these sentences and replace the underlined word(s) with a suitable pronoun. 1. The children were sad when the children were told off. 2. The birds flew away when the cats chased the birds . 3. When Daud got home Daud watched television. 4. Shilan said that Shilan was bored. 5. Ibrahim hung Ibrahims bag up. 6. I like the biscuits. The biscuits are my favourite. 7. Dylan ran after Jannah. Dylan chased Jannah all the way to school. 8. Muna dropped the rubber. The rubber went under the table. 9. Salah and Ahmed went to the library. Salah and Ahmed went to read some books. 10. Aisha played out with Aishas sister....
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GP_pronouns - Task Three Copy out these sentences and...

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