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Improving Sentences These sentences are really boring and need to be made more interesting! Rewrite each one neatly in your homework book.  Think about all the ways we have been learning to improve our sentences in class: use powerful verbs use adjectives (but not too many!) to describe the noun add adverbs to tell the reader about the verb  extend your sentence  by using connectives add a super sentences starter – time, place and character add extra information – don’t forget the comma’s! don’t forget PUNCTUATION!   1. The band played. 2. The police searched the park. 3. The witch climbed onto her broom. 4. The footballer kicked the ball. 5. The man walked up the hill. 6. The cat walked along the wall. Improving Sentences These sentences are really boring and need to be made more interesting!
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Unformatted text preview: Rewrite each one neatly in your homework book. Think about all the ways we have been learning to improve our sentences in class: use powerful verbs use adjectives (but not too many!) to describe the noun add adverbs to tell the reader about the verb extend your sentence by using connectives add a super sentences starter time, place and character add extra information dont forget the commas! dont forget PUNCTUATION! 1. The band played. 2. The police searched the park. 3. The witch climbed onto her broom. 4. The footballer kicked the ball. 5. The man walked up the hill. 6. The cat walked along the wall....
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