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Jumbled_Sentences - 10.My bike his ride brother to likes...

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Can you help Tommy sort out these sentences, so that they make sense? 1. raining It today. is 2. It windy day. is a 3. icecream. like I eat to 4. Tomorrow shopping. go I will 5. The sky. brightly sun the in shines 6. come to Do party? you want to my 7. I doll! pink pretty love my 8. great! My is teacher 9. cars. drawing I pictures of like
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Unformatted text preview: 10.My bike. his ride brother to likes 11.shopping go to Mum. with like I my Now… Write five sentences about things you do at the weekend to help your Mum and Dad. Write three questions about helping at home. For example: Can I help to wash the dishes?...
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