oral_connectives_conjunctions - bucket Whereas the empty...

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 oral group activity Pupils are given 2 sets of cards; a set of conjunctions and a set of nursery rhyme titles. The  group will retell the story of a familiar nursery rhyme, taking turns to create a sentence  using one of the conjunction cards. Once a conjunction has been used, the card is turned  over until the nursery rhyme changes. This activity can be adapted for any age group according to the connectives supplied. The  example below was used to demonstrate for y5 and 6 as were the conjunctions. Jack and Jill Before Jack and Jill’s mother could cook their lunch, she needed some water. They lived at  the foot of a hill,  therefore  she sent the two of them up the hill to the well.  In order to  carry the water down, they took a bucket. Everything went well  until they had filled the 
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Unformatted text preview: bucket. Whereas the empty bucket was quite light, it became very heavy with water in it. Now if Jack and Jill had been the same height, carrying the water between them would have been simple. However, Jill was two years older than Jack and much taller. Therefore, when they started down, he found it difficult to stay level with his sister and tripped. Jill tried to keep her balance, but was unable to save herself. She fell flat on her face and, moreover, the water ran down the hillside. While this was happening, poor Jack was tumbling over and over, down the hill. until before unless although if whereas previously as if moreover therefore however while because since in order to...
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oral_connectives_conjunctions - bucket Whereas the empty...

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