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personal_possessive_pronouns - “What’s wrong?” asked...

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Hayley Roberts 2005 Name: ____________________________________ Date: ______________ A Snake in the Garden Use these personal pronouns to fill in the gaps. Anil smiled. He had done it and _______ couldn’t believe it. But he couldn’t have done it on _______ own. “________ were great!” he said enthusiastically. Nani and Jazeera’s mother ran down to the gate and hugged Jazeera, telling _______ what a silly girl ______ had been.
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Unformatted text preview: “What’s wrong?” _______ asked. “You could have been hurt!” shouted Jazeera’s mother. Use these possessive pronouns to fill in the gaps. 1. These pens belong to us. They are ________. 2. The apple belongs to you. It is _________. 3. Jazeera owns the Frisbee. It is _________. 4. This is Daniel’s ruler. It is _________. 5. The ball belongs to Sarah. It is _________. she he his her We she yours hers ours his...
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