prepositions_DJ - position of one thing in relation to...

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1. We got home at midnight. 6. Did you come here by car? 2. The train travelled through the tunnel. 7. We got on the bus. 3. What's the name of this street? 8. I fell asleep during the film! 4. I found the book behind the sofa. 9. Jon put his books in his tray. . 5. The football pitch is near my house. 10. They jumped over a fence. 1. I met Sue ______ a party _______ Friday night. 2. James is going ______ Scotland ______ train. 3. I will call you ______ 2 weeks. 4. Anne watches movies ______ the cinema and ______ television. 5. He stood ______ the bridge and watched the passing ship. 6. ______ me, I saw a cloudy sky. 7. The dog leapt ______ the wall and chased ______ the ball. 8. The chair was tucked ______ the table. 9. She placed the music ______ the stand. 10. He travelled ______ the North ______ the South. A: Copy the following sentences into your book and underline the preposition in each sentence. B: Copy out the following sentences and put the correct prepositions in the blanks. Prepositions are words which tell us the 
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Unformatted text preview: position of one thing in relation to another. They also tell us where or under what conditions something happened. 1. according ______ 6. complain ______ 2. interfere ______ 7. suffer ______ 3. agree ______ 8. equal ______ 4. rely ______ 9. similar ______ 5. angry ______ 10. inspired ______ e.g.) I can always rely on my best friend to help me. He was inspired by the painter Seurat. Here are a few prepositions to start off your list : about, above, across, after, along, by, before, behind, below, between, e.g.) The young boy chased after the thief as he ran down the path. C. Which prepositions usually go with the following words? D. Choose 5 of the phrases above and write a sentence containing each of them. Underline the preposition in each sentence. E. Make a list of all the prepositions that you can think of. Write them down. Make up 5 sentences, try and include more than one preposition in each sentence....
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prepositions_DJ - position of one thing in relation to...

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