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I Numeri Italiani / The Italian Numbers 1 – Uno (say “ oooo – no”) 2 – Due (say “do – ay”) 3 – Tre (say “tray” quickly) 4 – Quattro (say “kwat-ro”) 5 – Cinque (say “chin-kway”) 6 – Sei (say “say”) 7 – Sette (say “set-ay”) 8 – Otto (say “ott –o”) 9 – Nove (say “no- vay”)
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Unformatted text preview: 10 Dieci (say de-ay-chee) 11 Undici (say ooon-de-chee) 12 Dodici (say doh-de-chee) We can sing the numbers to the tune of row, row, row your boat to help us remember them: Uno, due, tre, quattro, Cinque, sei, sette, Otto, nove, dieci, Undici, dodici!...
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