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german_wordsearch_animals - Unjumble the following words...

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Wordsearch : Tiere ( animals) K U G O L D F I S C H S H U A D L E R H R D E C X F U P F E R D A W P H H D P A P A G E I J A R U G U U H K I L O P P H H H H K A T Z E R E A I N G A H F G R Ü D Ä H B A H T M R W E B H E U T L M A T S S R Ä F R N U H R F E D T I R G K D S U D E R V Ö E T K H M C T B V O G E L R F T C H 1. cat     – die __________________ 2. dog – der __________________ 3. hamster – der __________________ 4. guinea pig   - das __________________ 5. horse   - das __________ 6. chicken   - der ___________________ 7. bird     - der ________________ 8. mouse – die __________ 9. gold fish– der ____________ 10.parrot – der ________________
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Unformatted text preview: Unjumble the following words: TEZKA: ___________________ (cat) ERPDF: ___________________ (horse) UHHN: ___________________ (chicken) OGVLE: ___________________ (bird) GPPAAEI: ___________________ (parrot)...
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