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Les Animaux 1. Match up the following descriptions with the pictures: 1. J’ai deux chats, un cochon d’Inde, un lapin et un hamster. _____ 2. Je n’ai pas d’animal. _____ 3. J’ai trois chiens, un poisson et deux souris. _____ 4. J’ai deux oiseaux et deux chats. _____ 2. Tu as un animal chez toi ? Write down a sentence describing what pets you have. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 3. Homework: Produce a poster with a picture of a fictitious animal on
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Unformatted text preview: it and then write a sentence for it underneath, e.g. J’ai un poisien. Tool Box un lapin – a rabbit une souris – a mouse un hamster – a hamster un oiseau – a bird un chat – a cat un cochon d’Inde – a guinea pig un poisson – a fish un chien – a dog Je n’ai pas d’animal – I have no pets Note: When you have more than one of these pets you take of the un/une and add the number before the pet and add an‘s’ to the pet e.g. deux chat s . However, oiseau changes to oiseau x and souris stays the same....
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