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French_Assembly_2 (1) - Year 3 French Class Assembly #2...

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Year 3 “French” Class Assembly #2 All: Bonjour et bienvenue. _______ : Good morning and welcome to our second assembly in year 3. We are going to show you what we have been learning in French since October. We are not experts yet but nearly! We are hoping a field trip to a French school will make us fluent speakers but until then we have to put up with Miss Oldham! _______ : As we are still saving up for our plane tickets to France we thought that we would bring France to you today and show you what goes on in a French school. We also have a treat for you; did you know Goldilocks can also be found eating porridge in French forests as well as English ones? _______ : We have learnt members of the family in French: _______ : Ma mere _______ :Mon pere _______ :Mon frere _______ :Ma sœur _______ :Le bebe _______ :Ma grandmere _______ :Mon grandpere _______ : We also learnt months of the year in French: _______ : janvier _______ :fevrier _______ :mars _______ :avril 1
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_______ : mai _______ :juin _______ :juillet _______ :aout _______ :septembre _______ :octobre _______ :novembre _______ :decembre _______ :We enjoyed learning parts of the body in French. (All say and point). (Split the stage in 2, one side is a French school and the other side is an English school. 2 flags and country names up. Half the children in school uniform, the other half in normal clothes. Children speaking sit in front on stage). _______ : What were the differences we noticed between
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French_Assembly_2 (1) - Year 3 French Class Assembly #2...

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