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Find today’s French words…. I ET I M E A S T M A N D S O E A U T R A S P M P BR A U T R E M E P A R C K C P I B D F S R N A U J O U R D H U I E I F I H U D A T E Q B F M R U E L F R E R E T E A E S B E T G J O I O R U R O S U R O I U W N E X E E I R P L R W E D O S M U U E O F W D O S T A P R H E U R E O M O I L A N N I V E R S A I R E P S O E N O M K J D E W I E A S T E M S T Q P M Can you find these french words that we have used today? 1. moi English _________ 2. autre English __________ 3. anniversaire English ___________ 4. heure English ___________ 5. aujordhui English ___________ 6. couleur English ___________ 7. frere English ____________
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Unformatted text preview: 8. soeur English ____________ 9. animaux English ____________ 10. fruit English ____________ 11. date English ____________ 12. golf English ____________ 13. prefer English ___________ 14. ? One is repeated. ____________ On the back can you make your own wordsearch?...
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