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Which of these is a church? Eglise Ecole Éclair Which word(s) mean turn right? Tournez à droite Allez tout droit Tournez à gauche ‘Quatre’ is the number ? Fourteen Four Forty ‘Bonjour’ means Good day Good evening Good night Which phrase means ‘I like’? J’habite Jam J’aime ‘Blanc’ is the colour… Black White Grey ‘Quatre-vingts’ is…. . 14 24 80 ‘J’ai les cheveux noirs’ means I have a black horse I have black hair I have no eyes Which day of the week is ‘samedi’? Monday Saturday Wednesday ‘Neuf heures et demie’ is… 6.10pm 9.30pm 9.30am ‘mars’ is the month… May March August ‘Merci’ means…. Let go that hurts! Thank you No problem Which is correct? J’écoute la télé. Je regarde la télé. Je mange la télé.
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‘Je me lève’ means… I wake up I get up I get washed At school I learn…. Le dessin L’allemand La musique ‘La règle’ is …. . Regular Ruler Rectangle ‘La confiserie’ is where…. . You can buy conkers You can buy chocolate All your confiscated stuff goes Which of these would you eat?
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Unformatted text preview: La pomme La poste La piscine What do you wear on your legs? Le pull-over Le pantalon Le chapeau How do you say 3.15pm? Trente heures et quinze Trois heures et quart Treize heures et quart In my family I have my mum, my dad and 2 brothers. Which statement is correct? Jai deus frres, ma mre et ma sur. Jai mon pre, ma mre et deux surs Jai ma mre, mon pre et deus frres. What goes WOOF !? Le chat Le chien Le cheval Which room do you sleep in? La chambre La cuisine Le jardin Which country is nord de lAngleterre? Scotland Wales Ireland O habites-tu? Dans une ville Dans un cit Dans un village What would you do ? Japprends la radio Je fais la radio Jcoute la radio. I am 17 years old. Which is correct? Jai dix-sept ans. Je suis dix-sept ans Jai dix-huit ans. How do you say: I like ice-skating? Jaime les checs. Jaime le patinage. Jaime la natation....
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french_multiple_choice_quiz - La pomme La poste La piscine...

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