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Fireflies Stage 6 Non- Fiction Class Activity 1 Dinosaurs Learning Intention To learn to skim text for words. Task 1. Skim through the book looking for the words on the table. 2. Look for one word at a time. 3. Each time you see the word record it on the table with a tally mark. 4. Remember the fifth tally mark goes across the first four so you have  ‘bundles’ of five. Fireflies Stage 6 Non- Fiction Word Tally Marks Total dinosaurs were was It/ it
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Dinosaurs Learning Intention To understand and use the language of time. Task Read the book together and then talk about the answers o these questions. 1. Why do some people think that dinosaurs were able to live on Earth for a very  long time? 2. How can we tell that birds developed from dinosaurs? 3. Why do scientists think that dinosaurs died out?
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dinosaurs_ort6 - FirefliesStage6NonFiction ClassActivity1...

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