Evil_Genie - Name:_ Date: _ TheEvilGenie

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Name: _________________________ Date:  _________ The Evil Genie Read the story and do the following exercises. 1. Who are they? Write their names. 2. Choose the best answer and circle it. a. Biff did an experiment about  growing an apple in the bottle.  putting Floppy in the bottle. b. The magic took them to a   school.  tiny island. c. On the island they found a   bottle.  boat. d. There was a   man in the bottle.  genie in the bottle. e. The genie was  good.  evil. f. Hassan was Kamar’s   father.  brother. g. Floppy barked at the genie so he  got angry.  flew away.
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h. The genie smelled like     rotten eggs.  rotten fish. i. ______ got stuck in the adventure.  Kipper  Floppy 3. a) What happened at the end of the story?       _________________________________________________________________________ ________   ____________________________________________________________________________ _____ b) What do you think will happen next?
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Evil_Genie - Name:_ Date: _ TheEvilGenie

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