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Name________________________________ Date_________________________________ (green band)
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Put the story in order. A:  Lucy and dad took Robby for a walk by the river. B:  Lucy got a branch and dad put it in the river. C:  Dad tried to get the branch.  He almost slipped into the river. D:  Robby liked fetching the stick. E:  Robby shook himself.   Match the correct beginning and end of each sentence. 1.  Lucy and Robby ran down the                                        river. 2.  Robby liked fetching the                                              teeth. 3.  Robby was swimming round and                                     Lucy. 4.  Lucy got the branch and dad put it in the                     stick. 5.  He picked up the branch in his                                     round.
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ginn_green_robbyintheriver - Name Date(greenband...

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