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Date/ initial when achieved. Highlight: N- green; R-pink; Y1- yellow; Y2 blue/orange Area p4 (SS1) p5 (SS2) p6 (SS2) p7 (SS3) p8 (SS3) 1c 1b 1a 2c 2b 2a Knowledge about how the book and text work I am interested in pictures and print I hold the book in the correct way and turn the pages carefully. I like hearing stories and match the story I hear to the picture or page. I read and point left to right across a page, and top to bottom down page. I point to words as I read them, matching what I say to what I read. I am beginning to read fact (non-fiction) and fiction (stories and poems) differently. I might only read part of a non-fiction book to find out information. I can use alphabetical order to use dictionaries and look up information. I am starting to use words such as author, character, beginning, middle, end, contents, letter name and letter sound. I can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books, and use words such as consonant/vowel, fiction, plot, reference. I am beginning to recognise and use common book conventions, e.g. headings, paragraphs and indexes. I know that stories are written in books. I know that words, signs, symbols and pictures carry meaning Overall independence, fluency, accuracy, sense of meaning, awareness of punctuation I know that some signs, pictures and symbols can tell a story. I know that signs, symbols and text tell me things. I can guess the next word, phrase, sign or symbol and know if one is missed out: e.g ‘We’re going on a ...hunt’ I can continue a repetitive phrase from a story I already know: e.g. ‘He huffed and he puffed and he . ....’ I am beginning to recognise some rhyming words when the rhyme is read out e.g. ‘Twinkle twinkle little star. ..are.
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GJ_readingrecord - Reading Record 1: p levels (SS1-3) to...

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