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ort_the_snowman - 1 They saw Biff and Wilma 2 Biff had a...

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Name____________________________________ Date__________________ THE SNOWMAN (Stage 3) Fill in the missing word. 1. It was _________________________________. (p1) 2. Wilf was _______________________________the snow. (p3) 3. She made a _______________________ snowball. (p5) 4. ______________________ pushed the snowball. (p6) 5. Wilma’s mum took a ______________________________. (p14) True or False? 1. They saw Biff and Wilma.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. They saw Biff and Wilma. ________________ 2. Biff had a good idea. ________________ 3. Floppy barked and barked. ______________ 4. The snow fell off the door. _______________ 5. There were 4 snowmen. ________________ Circle where the capital letters should be. it was snowing. they saw wilf and wilma. “six snowmen!” said wilma’s dad. Draw your favourite part of the story....
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