whats_underneath - _______________ Write these in the...

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Name _______________________________ Date_____________ What’s Underneath? True or False? 1. Under your feet there may be animals and people. ________ 2. Under your house there are cables and pipes. ________ 3. Under a city there are sewers. ________ 4. Under the sea there are shipwrecks. ________ Answer these questions in sentences. 1. What can you find under a garden? _________________________________________________________ _______________ 2. What do cables carry to your house? _________________________________________________________ _______________ 3. How do workers get into the sewers? _________________________________________________________ _______________ 4. Where does the Channel Tunnel run? _________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: _______________ Write these in the correct order. Under the city, there are train stations with platforms. Trains go through the tunnels. Water pipes carry water to baths, toilets and sinks. Sometimes a mole digs up the lawn. _________________________________________________________ _______________ _________________________________________________________ _______________ _________________________________________________________ _______________ _________________________________________________________ _______________ Find the missing words: Under the , plants grow and swim. Fishermen’s nets hang from their . Sometimes divers and explore . submarines sea boats shipwrecks fish down...
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whats_underneath - _______________ Write these in the...

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