Homework 2 (MOL S11) - ANSWERS

Homework 2 (MOL S11) - ANSWERS - V55.0310 NATURAL SCIENCE...

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1 V55.0310 NATURAL SCIENCE II: MOLECULES OF LIFE SPRING 2011 HOMEWORK 2 - ANSWERS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Name : ____________________________________ Lab section and Time : _________________ Lab Instructor: ____________________________ Answer all questions on this sheet in the space provided. Two questions will be graded with a maximum of four points each. Two extra points will be awarded for completing all the questions. CHEMICAL ELEMENTS Question 1: The chemical element sulfur is found in some types of biological molecules. Which of the following elements does the chemistry of sulfur most closely resemble – carbon , nitrogen , oxygen or fluorine ? Explain your answer. The chemistry of sulfur most closely resembles the chemistry of oxygen. Both sulfur and oxygen are found in the same group of the periodic table (Group 6A) Question 2: Strontium-90 ( 90 Sr) is a radioactive isotope that is produced during nuclear reactions. When the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded in 1986, large amounts of 90 Sr were released into the surrounding environment. The main medical concern about 90 Sr is that exposed individuals can accumulate this radioactive isotope into their bones . (a) Find strontium in the periodic table. What is its atomic number and to which group in the periodic table does it belong? The atomic number of strontium is 38 and it belongs to Group II of the periodic table. (b) Use your knowledge about chemical relationships in the periodic table to explain why strontium tends to accumulate in bone . Strontium (Sr) is in the same group of the periodic table as calcium (Ca), which is an important component of bones. In terms of its chemical properties, strontium behaves similarly to calcium and therefore becomes accumulated into the structure of a person’s bones.
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2 Question 3 : There are many chemical elements that the human body needs in order for you to be healthy. One of these elements is iodine , which has the chemical symbol I . You should use the periodic table and the web as sources of information for this question.
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Homework 2 (MOL S11) - ANSWERS - V55.0310 NATURAL SCIENCE...

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