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1 V55.0310 NATURAL SCIENCE II: MOLECULES OF LIFE SPRING 2011 MIDTERM EXAM 1 – ANSWERS Name: ________________________________________________ ID#: ________________________ Lab section and time: ______________________________ Lab instructor: ______________________ Exam Guidelines (1) The exam contains several sections with a specific theme . The allocation of points for the questions within each section is indicated. (2) There are TWO VERSIONS of the exam (A and B), which differ in the order of the sections. (3) Read the questions carefully and ensure that you have answered all parts . Regularly check the time and pace yourself to leave sufficient time for questions at the end of the exam. (4) The exam must be written in pen and not pencil . Any errors should be crossed out and the answer rewritten. The last page of the exam has been left blank for corrections or notes; tell us on the question page if you have used the back page for a revised answer. (5) Some questions have a multiple choice format. For these questions, clearly circle the letter corresponding to your answer . Credit cannot be given for ambiguous answers. Other questions require short written answers or drawings; answer these questions in the space provided. (6) When you have completed your exam, submit the paper according to your laboratory section and sign the exam attendance sheet. Academic Dishonesty Any academic dishonesty during the exam is a serious offense that will result in a grade of F and initiation of academic disciplinary procedures . Question Points Section 1 : Aspirin and Vioxx (10 pts.) Section 2 : Atoms and Molecules (35 pts.) Section 3 : Chemistry of Carbon (35 pts.) Section 4 : Functional Groups (20 pts.) TOTAL (100 pts.) LETTER GRADE
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2 SECTION 1: ASPIRIN AND VIOXX POINTS: _______ Multiple choice (2 pts each)________ Question 1.1: Aspirin was originally sold as a powder but later it was sold as tablets. Why was this change made? (a) It improved the therapeutic effectiveness of Aspirin molecules in the body. (b) It enabled Aspirin to be synthesized more easily. (c) It controlled the dose of the Aspirin drug. (d) It reduced the unpleasant side effects of taking Aspirin . Question 1.2: Aspirin targets an enzyme in the body called cyclo-oxygenase (COX). What is the biological function of the COX enzyme? (a) It reduces inflammation by synthesizing anti-histamines. (b) It facilitates the synthesis of arachidonic acid. (c) It facilitates the synthesis of prostaglandins. (d) It facilitates the synthesis of Aspirin from salicylic acid. Question 1.3: The efficacy of Vioxx was tested in a large clinical trial called VIGOR. However, the results of that trial provided only ambiguous evidence on whether Vioxx caused an increase risk of heart attacks. Why? (a) The clinical trial did not include sufficient patients in each test group. (b) The clinical trial compared Vioxx against another drug called Naproxen. (c) The clinical trial did not show any difference in heart attacks for patients taking Vioxx.
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