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ntegrals In this chapter we will be looking at integrals. Integrals are the third and final major topic that will be covered in this class. As with derivatives this chapter will be devoted almost exclusively to finding and computing integrals. Applications will be given in the following chapter. There are really two types of integrals that we’ll be looking at in this chapter : Indefinite Integrals and Definite Integrals. The first half of this chapter is devoted to indefinite integrals and the last half is devoted to definite integrals. As we will see in the last half of the chapter if we don’t know indefinite integrals we will not be able to do definite integrals. Here is a quick listing of the material that is in this chapter. Indefinite Integrals In this section we will start with the definition of indefinite integral. This section will be devoted mostly to the definition and properties of indefinite integrals. Computing Indefinite Integrals
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