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Rubric for Oral Communication Skills Date: ___________________ Course: _______________________ Rater : ___________________ Student: _______________________ TRAIT Unacceptable Acceptable Exemplary Introduction, statement of problem, prepares audience Vague, disjointed, no credibility Main points clear, engaged audience Clear & dynamic, excellent communication Constraints and assumptions explained Omitted or misrepresented Presented clearly Presented clearly, interrelationships explained Methodology or approach Not explained or incorrect Mentioned, correct approach Well explained, expert approach Problem solution Not presented or incorrect Possible solution presented Sophisticated solution
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Unformatted text preview: presented Conclusion None Good summary Reviewed main points, tied everything together Voice volume, speed T oo quiet, too load, too slow, too fast Good volume, good speed Excellent adjustment of volume and speed Enunciation Often unintelligible Understandable most of the time Always understandable Eye contact Very little M ost of the time A lways Body language Immobile, hands in pockets, blocked screen Few distractions Good posture, no distractions Response to questions Non-responsive, evasive Usually clear, somewhat evasive Direct, clear, complete PowerPoint, graphics Too small font, misspellings Accurate C lear, good complement to talk...
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