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Case Analysis Exam Questions – Apple Inc. (Fall 2011) Q1: External analysis : Analyze Apple’s external environment from the inception of the PC industry until the end of the case (2008). Please, stay focused on the PC industry; try to be as evaluative as possible. Q2: Internal analysis : Analyze Apple’s resources and capabilities. Please, identify: (a) unique resources and capabilities not possessed by competitors; (b) weak or missing resources and capabilities that would have been beneficial. (c) Do you think that Apple managed to capitalize on the unique resource to their full potential? Explain your opinion. Q3: Competition and 1 st mover advantage : (a) Identify the instances when Apple acted as a “1 st mover”. (b) Identify the instances when Apple acted as a “follower”. (c) In your opinion, as of 2008, which of the two approaches had worked better for Apple – being a “1 st mover” or a “follower”? Explain. Q4: Business level strategy
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