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Case Discussion Questions – BUS690 Fall 2011 Case 1: Bidding for Success 1. Identify the positive and negative effects of the general environment faced by 2. Identify the 5-forces of the industry environment. How is positioned relative to each of them? Case 2: Cirque du Soleil 1. Identify ALL resources and capabilities possessed by Cirque du Soleil: a/ which of them are a “must” for any cirque? b/ which of them are rare/unique to Cirque du Soleil? 2. Which of the rare resources possessed by Cirque du Soleil create value? How? 3. What is Cirque du Soleil’s core competence (if any)? Case 3: Montague Corporation – HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT! 1. Who are Montague’s target customers? 2. What needs do these customers have? 3. How does the Montague bicycle satisfy customers’ needs? 4. What type of business level strategy is Montague pursuing? 5. What resources and capabilities help pursue its strategy?
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