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Medical Ethics Darin Harootunian 10/5/11 4 Suppose that instead of standing on a hill overlooking the trolley tracks, you are standing on a bridge that the trolley travels under . Suppose you see the runaway trolley approaching the divide in the tracks with the five moral saints stranded on one branch and the one moral saint stranded on the other. Suppose that standing next to you on the bridge is Fat Freddie
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Unformatted text preview: – the fattest man in town. Fat Freddie is so fat that if you push him off the bridge and onto the tracks, he’ll stop the runaway trolley. Of course he’ll die , but all the stranded moral saints will be saved and so will everyone on the trolley. Is it morally right to push Fat Freddie onto the tracks? Is there a difference between pushing Fat Freddie off the bridge and pulling the lever on the hill?...
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